Sister School Program in the Peoples Republic of China
Aiming at commencing a sister school program with the middle school in peoples Republic of China a group of seven students of Devi Balika Vidyalaya paid a visit to four cities in Jiangsu Province on an invitation of Jiangsu Province Peoples Association for friendship with foreign countries.They visited Shanghai,Suzhou,Nonjin and Yangzhou cities in Jiangsu province from 20th of March 2016 to 2nd of April 2016.
The students got the opportunity to visit 3 different schools and also many religious and historically important places in China.The exchange of different cultures between the students of both countries was remarkable.
It was a privilege to witness the artistry value of young painters of Nanjin No 01 middle school at the art exhibition and also to see the paintings of young Devians being displayed there.
It is a fine opportunity gained by the Devians to participate in a sister school program.