Felicitation for the G.C.E(A/L)Achievers
According to the excellent results obtained by the following students were felicitated on 20th January 2017. 1.Mayumi Thathsarani –Technological stream Island 2nd place 2.Nuwantha Wickramasinghe - Bio Science Stream Island 5th place 3.Dulangi Anuththara - Common Stream Island 10th place
Furthermore the below mentioned students who have actively engaged in extracurricular activities were also able to obtained very good results at the G.C.E(A/L)examination were also felicitated on the same day.
1.Anagi Kottahachchi - Head Prefect 2015/2016,Bio Science Stream. Obtained 3 As.
2.Sithumi Liyanage - Western Band Leader 2015/2016,became the best band leader. Obtained 3 As in Bio Science Stream.
3.Sadini Upeksha - A crew member of the English Drama circle of the school, Olympiad representative, President of the ICT society of the school, obtained 3 As in Bio Science Stream.